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About Wix Vilnius

Wix Vilnius is home to more than 250 talented people, and their dogs.

We opened our offices at the heart of Vilnius in 2013,  and ever since we're growing strong :)


Our team consists mostly of R&D - software engineers, product managers, Quality Assurance engineers, User Experience Designers (UX/UI), but we also have non-tech positions such as Analysts, HR, and Operations. 


What makes Wix so unique? We love to call it ‘The Wix Way’. It means we work hard to deliver the best products in the world and to be super professional, but we never forget to have fun, and have zero tolerance for assholes!

2021.03.10 Wix office102307.jpg
2021.03.10 Wix office207816.jpg

What do we do at Wix Vilnius?

Our teams are responsible for some of Wix's most innovative products: ​Wix Blog, Promote and Email Marketing, Wix Events, Forum, Mobile apps, Pricing Plans, Members Area.


We also make a huge contribution to Wix Engineering: Components, Server Framework, and Internal Systems. 

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